RE Magazine website readers showed strong interest in a broad mix of topics and subjects in 2019, from changes in the co-op workplace to advances in key technologies. Based on pageviews, we bring you our top 10 online articles of the year. Happy New Year, and thanks for reading

1. 'A More Inclusive Path'

Pedernales Electric Cooperative's Kaitlyn Vaillancourt is part of a small but growing number of female lineworkers. Cultural changes, new equipment and turnover in the workforce have helped open line work as a more viable career for women.

2. Broadband Breakthrough

Electric cooperatives across the country are increasingly being seen as part of the solution to rural connectivity. With more than 100 co-ops deploying broadband, and another 200 exploring the option, states are passing laws and offering loans and grants to help extend broadband to rural communities.

3. What's In Store?

From installing small batteries in member homes to using federal grants to develop microgrid storage systems, electric co-ops are laying the groundwork for a breakthrough in battery energy storage.

4. Getting In Front of Electric Vehicles

Around the country, co-ops are developing programs for an EV future. Some co-ops are offering rebates and discounts to members who choose to purchase or lease an electric vehicle. Gunnison Electric Association in Colorado is even letting members borrow co-op-owned EVs to give them a try.

5. The Butterfly Effect

In anticipation of a federal listing for the monarch butterfly, electric co-ops are getting proactive and taking measures to help protect pollinators in their coverage areas.

6. Putting the Ladders Out

As their workforce ages, electric co-ops around the country are bracing–and planning–for waves of employee retirements in the next few years. But with the proper skills training and leadership development programs, experts say that replacing key team members can also be an opportunity for co-ops to grow.

7. Rural Revitalization

Electric co-ops are partnering with county leaders, residents, and businesses to reclaim and revitalize rural downtowns using an economic development approach that goes far beyond the common strategy of courting large companies.

8. Happy Returns

Good jobs and a vibrant community are helping an Illinois co-op bring seasoned talent back to rural America.

9. Co-op Tech: Disposing of Solar Panels

The growth of solar generation and the panels that support it means more clean, renewable power on the grid. But it also comes with a longer-term challenge.

10. 10 Emerging Technologies

Distributed energy resources are turning the electric grid into not just a two-way street, but more of a neighborhood of two-way streets, with electricity moving in and out from locations big and small throughout the day. Here's a look at the ten most essential advances for expanding the grid.