• Sylandi Brown
  • Marketing and Communications Specialist
  • Middle Georgia EMC | Vienna, Georgia
  • Co-op employee since May 2020

Hobby: Public speaking

When was your first public speaking opportunity? As a candidate for my elementary school’s student council, I delivered a campaign speech to the student body.

How did it go? As intimidating as it was, it was also exciting, and I found great fulfillment in the creative speechwriting process.

Do you have any public speaking tips and tricks? 1) Practice, record and listen to the playback. 2) Transform nervous energy into excitement around your specific topic. 3) Eat a green apple. Foods with high water content help with vocal clarity.

What is the speech that you are most proud of? I am most proud of my speech, “One Day Vision to One Day Journey” that I delivered on the TEDx stage. This was a monumental moment of my public speaking journey.

How did you hear about the job at Middle Georgia EMC? I am grateful that my co-op maintained a consistent relationship with me after my Youth Tour experience. From this, I learned more about the career opportunities and job openings at the co-op.

What were you doing before you joined the co-op? I was a student at Valdosta State University.

What do you like most about working at the co-op? I admire the deeply rooted and continuously relevant values and principles that shape who we are and connect us to co-ops in different sectors around the world.

Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication from Valdosta State University; currently pursuing a master’s degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology at the University of Georgia

Random fact about you: I was salutatorian of my high school graduating class.