By Mary Kate Pedigo, CCC, Sam Houston Electric Cooperative


Have you struggled to find the right words or the right approach to a tough situation? Workplace dynamics often make it difficult to not only formulate an effective exchange of information, but also ensure that your message is understood clearly.

Most people would agree that effective communication is a clear understanding of information. But for that communication to truly be effective, your audience must also take appropriate action after your exchange.

Kayla Barrett, of Organization Impact, offers interactive workshops to help individuals, teams and organizations reach their goals. “Using Diplomacy, Discretion and Influence” is just one of Barrett’s workshops that has become a popular teaching opportunity across co-op nation.

The workshop dives right into the key components of effective communication. From accurate vocabulary and vocal tones to nonverbal quirks, it all adds up to the perception of others. Barrett walks participants through exercises and scenarios to fine-tune these skills and develop effective relationships across any organization. She emphasizes that, “at the heart of every interaction is the need for effective and efficient communication.”

Barrett also focuses on the fact that every employee in an organization is a communicator. From speaking directly to consumers to even everyday workplace dialog, her workshops are a learning opportunity even for seasoned communicators. Take this opportunity to be a stronger and more effective communicator.

Kayla Barrett

Organization Impact