​​Over the past couple of years, your CCC Program Board has undertaken the task of revamping and modernizing the format of the Body of Knowledge. Much of the content will remain the same but will be presented differently. The board recognized the need for this change to optimize online learning opportunities for candidates.

The format change will necessitate a change to the exam, so it can be offered online. This, along with limited travel due to COVID-19, makes administering the exam difficult. Due to this situation, the board decided to freeze the current program, so we may strategically attend to both the current candidates and the future candidates to help ensure that everyone has a positive experience and has the best possible chance for success. We are not taking new applications until spring of 2021. May 1 is our target date for “re-opening" the program with many improved features. This pause allows the board to both complete the BOK revamp and work with our current candidates to map out plans for them to complete the program.

The changes to the BOK's format will be a positive outcome of this brief pause. I look forward to serving as your new CCC Program Chair and am excited to work alongside the individuals that you have elected to serve on the board. They are all eager and very knowledgeable. I am confident that we will emerge from this next year a stronger, more user-friendly educational program.


Lydia Walters, CCC, PHR
CCC Program Board Chair