Cooperative communicators unite to CONNECT and share ideas

By Jerri Imgarten, CCC, The Victory Electric Cooperative Assn., Inc., Dodge City, Kansas

Do you want to fly the coop every time you see the hyphen missing? Had a heated argument about the unacceptable use of the word usage? Or exhausted all avenues trying to explain rastor and vector images? If you attended CONNECT Conference in Salt Lake City, you were in good company.

CONNECT attendees enjoyed the snapshot opportunities with the numerous photo props, and even discovered an extra special surprise at the CCC booth! Those who participated in our contest won a free electric cooperative communicator t-shirt! Attendees who snapped a photo with a CCC prop and posted it to the CONNECT app or the Electric Cooperative Communicator Facebook page went home with a unique, humorous communications-themed t-shirt.

Numerous CCCs stood out as leaders in the cooperative communications profession and volunteered to share their knowledge and expertise as presenters and speakers at various breakout sessions. In addition, the CCC board hosted a breakfast presentation for newer cooperative communicators to learn more about the CCC program. The CCC board provided a casual environment where potential CCC candidates could ask questions, talk to CCC board members, and look at sample portfolios.

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and the planning has already commenced to bring co-op communicators to Houston for CONNECT ’19. CCCs are known for being leaders in the industry, so if you have great ideas or suggestions for sessions or speakers, Jean Capon with NRECA is currently accepting those ideas for the upcoming CONNECT planning meeting. Please email your suggestions to

We look forward to seeing you in Texas “Don’t be jumpy as spit on a hot skillet, and come on over to the ‘ole Connect meetin’ place, it will be a whole 'nuther kinda fun!”


The CCC board of directors is dedicated to providing a program for electric cooperative communicators to enhance their professional skills and demonstrate qualified, specialized competence within the communications field. They also like to have fun at CONNECT!


Electric cooperative communicators all have unique jobs and challenges, but we all share a passion for communications and a dedication to serving our members in rural America.


This photo prop at the CCC booth really hit home with Kennedy St. George and Jerri Imgarten. The prop was modeled after a real-life story and they enjoyed sending the photo back to their co-op’s safety director in Kansas.