Your CCC program board met at NRECA headquarters in September, and we voted on several things that move us to being more transparent and resourceful:

  1. We unanimously approved a series of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the CCC portfolio review process, the CCC exam process and the CCC peer advisor program. This list of FAQs will soon be posted to our webpages and incorporated into our CCC Program Manual to help equip and inform CCC candidates.
  2. The CCC board also unanimously approved a set of guidelines and expectations for those CCCs who volunteer to serve as peer advisors for CCC candidates. Over the years, we have heard comments related to inconsistent peer advisor interactions and experiences, and we set out to create consistent expectations for both the peer advisors and the candidates. Starting this fall, those CCCs who volunteer to serve as peer advisors will be asked to review and sign this new document of guidelines before being assigned to help a CCC candidate.
  3. Every few years, the CCC board updates its strategic plan to help shape our focus and mission in the years ahead. During our September meeting, the board unanimously approved an updated strategic plan which focuses on promoting the CCC program, collaborating with strategic alliances, and maintaining the integrity of the CCC exam and study materials. As board members come and go, the strategic plan provides a solid foundation for moving forward and improving the CCC program.
  4. Finally, your board discussed increased involvement and interest in the CCC program. Over the past few years, the number of CCC candidates “in the pipeline” has steadily increased, which means our program’s administrative staff at NRECA are more stretched for time to handle the increased workload. It also means that our board committees are taking on more tasks and initiatives to make sure the exam and study materials are relevant and accurate. While NRECA is not able to add more resources to the CCC program at this time, the board discussed other options to meet the increase in program participation. As a board, we agreed that adding two additional elected board members is necessary in light of increased interest in the CCC program, which required an amendment to our operating guidelines. I’m happy to report that the CCC community approved this proposed amendment overwhelmingly in October. We will increase our elected board members from 10 to 12, adding one extra board member in spring 2017 and the final additional board member in spring 2018.

I don’t intend to overwhelm you with information, but I do want you to be informed about recent developments regarding the CCC program. If you have any questions or concerns about these initiatives, please don’t hesitate to contact me or another member of our CCC board. We are excited about the future of the CCC program, and we are working hard to maintain the transparency, integrity and relevancy of the program while we experience increased interest from co-op communicators.

Erin Campbell, CCC
Current Chair of the CCC Board
Director of Communications for the Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives