Happy 2020! This is the time of year when so many of us focus on ways we want to be better in the new year. We want to lose the weight, KonMari our homes and finally write that book. I would be willing to guess that, for many of you, continuing your education by earning your CCC was a New Year’s resolution at some point in time. It was a big goal and you reached it, but I like to think that, just like weight loss or being more organized, earning your CCC isn’t the end of your goal, it’s only the beginning.

Just like earning your CCC shouldn’t be the end of your goal, the board doesn’t want simply maintaining the program to be our end goal.

We want the CCC program to reinforce your knowledge, abilities and skills, and we also want the program to help you build a network of co-op communicators who have shown the same drive and commitment to the profession that you have. We want to make sure we are using the many resources offered to us by NRECA to grow and evolve.

To make sure we are fulfilling our duty, the board continually reviews the program to determine how it can be better for those who are working to earn their CCC and how those who have earned their CCC can continue to receive value from the program. We are working now to determine
what changes may enhance the program for cooperative communicators and think there are exciting opportunities ahead. The board will meet in Arlington in February and we will keep you updated on what improvements are to come.

If continuing education is one of your resolutions this year, then CONNECT is a must on your list. It may seem a little early to discuss what is happening in May, but registration is open now! If you haven’t seen what’s planned for Denver, make sure to check it out. CONNECT is a great learning experience that always gives me tools I can use on the job every day. It is also a great opportunity to connect with your fellow CCCs and to encourage other communicators to follow up on their resolution to earn their CCC. I hope to see you all in Denver!

April Lollar, APR, CCC
Chair, CCC Board
Director of Communications
Coast Electric Power Association