Greetings, Fellow CCCs –

Are you enjoying fall? In the past few years, I learned to have an appreciation for each season. As someone who grew up near the Equator line by the Atlantic Ocean, each year for me was defined by one season: summer. Moving from Brazil to the United States a few years ago certainly opened my horizons as I learned to see the beauty that each season brings.

The change of seasons also makes me think about the changes we go through in our careers. Achieving your Certified Cooperative Communicator designation was a remarkable achievement, but your career continues to progress and therefore bring about seasons and changes.

Your CCC Board is hard at work meeting, discussing, implementing and evaluating changes to enhance the program. The Candidate Assessment Program Standards (CAPS) Committee is working on the preliminary stages of an overhaul of the Body of Knowledge, which will bring about much needed improvements and efficiencies for future candidates. The Program and Planning Committee is assisting CAPS on this endeavor as well as brainstorming survey and focus group opportunities, so we can better learn from you and from non-CCCs on how we can continue to make this program as relevant as it can possibly be. The Marketing and Communications Committee works around the clock to bring you valuable content via this e-newsletter as well as on the Electric Cooperative Communicators’ Facebook page and promote the CCC Program to communicators across Co-op Nation.

I’m proud of the hard-working Board we have. Each board member is eager to give of their own time - even in the face of their daily work demands and commitments - to enhance the CCC Program and leave it better than how they found it. They recognize the “season” in which we are in and they are ready to roll up their sleeves to keep the program moving forward.

Whatever season or whatever change you might be facing at your co-op today, I encourage you to press on, make the most of it, and give your best. You see, winter comes after fall, and winter is not my favorite; however, I’m telling myself I’ll make the most of it and will make it an enjoyable experience. Thank you for all you do to make electric cooperative communications shine. Happy Fall!

Anna Politano

Chair, CCC Board of Directors

Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives