​By: Jean Capon, Connect Program Manager, NRECA

You would think that by now everyone is sick and tired of virtual events. They may be, but a whopping 604 people decided to tune into the 2021 Connect Conference to take part in the general sessions, breakouts, discussion sessions, networking online, and make the best of it. As usual, the attendees were engaged with the speakers, and with each other, while managing to have some fun.

Throughout the conference, attendees were encouraged to think about the new skills and talents they discovered within themselves during the past year. The sessions were designed to provide some tools and inspiration to help them develop new “superpowers” as well. In addition to the breakout and discussion sessions, the general sessions highlighted the top Spotlight Award winners, Brand Champion recipient, an update on the YAME (Young Adult Member Engagement) resources and some stellar keynote speakers. Business strategist, Jay Baer let us in on how to achieve that coveted member experience we are all after, best-selling author and organizational psychologist David Burkus talked about the power of human connections and gave us tips on the most effective networking techniques and closing keynote Siri Lindley recounted her amazing personal and professional journey to becoming a world champion triathlete and a person who lives fearlessly. And for those who stuck around to the bitter end, they were treated to a fun blooper reel, something you don’t get to do for in-person conferences!

Plans are beginning for Connect 2022, to be held in Seattle on May 3 – 5. If you have recommendations about topics/sessions or speakers, please contact jean.capon@nreca.coop.

Hope to see you in Seattle!

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