By Anna Politano, CCC, Editor, Oklahoma Living Magazine, Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives

This was an exciting year for the
CCC program at CONNECT. The CCC Board of Directors was thrilled to welcome
several CCCs from across Co-op Nation to serve at the CCC booth. The
collaboration between board members and CCCs strengthened relationships and
resulted in helpful and relevant program information being shared with
conference attendees. To follow up, the informational CCC breakfast session provided
an excellent opportunity to dive into the details of the program and answer
important questions from potential candidates. Here are a few highlights from
the conference worth recapping:

  1. CCC booth: The booth was well represented; attendees came by to claim a blue CCC bandana, receive program information, look at portfolio samples, and sign up for a drawing to win an Amazon gift card. The bandanas were a hit! The board was pleased with how the drawing and cool bandana attracted non-CCCs to the booth.
  2. CCC milestones & recognition: The program was once again built up by the recognition of 12 CCCs who achieved 10, 20 and 30 years with the program. Additionally, there were slides celebrating new CCCs being displayed at the General Session room every day of the conference. The opportunities to applaud CCCs create additional exposure to the program, fostering pride and continued buy-in as well as fostering a desire in non-CCCs to pursue the program.
  3. Focus Groups: The CCC Board of Directors conducted two focus groups at CONNECT. The purpose of was to take the time to listen to CCCs and their suggestions to improve the program as well as to listen to non-CCCs and understand the reasons preventing them from pursuing the designation. Unanimously, the board agreed the experience was worthwhile, enlightening and thankfully very enjoyable. The feedback shared was excellent and will guide the board to continue working to make the program the best that it can be for the current generation and future generations of CCCs.

If you were at CONNECT, we hope you enjoyed the conference and left with meaningful takeaways, new and strengthened friendships, and a sense of pride for the professional designation you have earned the Certified Cooperative Communicator credential (call it with pride!). If you didn’t make it to the conference, we missed you, and we hope to see you next time! Until then, let your light shine at all you do for your co-op! 

Current and former CCC Board Members convened at CONNECT.