​​​​​​​​​​​​By: Lydia Walters, CCC, PHR, ​MIP Communication and Human Resources Manager
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​I’ve shared with you that the CCC Program is undergoing a major overhaul. Our initial goal was to modernize the body of knowledge and present the study materials electronically. This goal evolved into a much more robust change to the program overall, creating a multifaceted educational opportunity utilizing differing learning techniques. This approach will appeal to all types of adult learners.

The key to this evolution has been a joint effort between NRECA’s Education, Training & Event department (ET&E) and the CCC program board. Helen Keller was correct when she said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” The board has been working diligently on updating and refreshing the program content and ET&E is supplying an instructional designer to determine the best ways to deliver this content. The new CCC program will remain viable for educating future communicators for many years to come.

Given all the upcoming changes to the CCC program, it was time for the board to revisit its mission and value statements. The new program aims to expand its purpose from simply being a credentialling body to an educational one as well. The mission statement now reflects a shift towards helping communicators enhance their strategic thinking ability – a skill of great value to all of our cooperatives.

I am so proud of each member of the CCC Program Board, and Jean Capon and Sheila Glenn with NRECA. They have worked diligently the past several years to update the body of knowledge, create a new approach to the portfolio standards, administer the exam, and outline a new mission, value and goals for the program. All the while, getting candidates certified in a pandemic world, keeping this newsletter and other ongoing tasks moving forward.

Thank you to each individual who has had a part in the evolution. It truly has been a team effort! We will have an update for you on the status of the program this summer.​


Lydia Walters, CCC, PHR, MIP
CCC Program Chair ​​

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