​​​​By: Erica Fitzhugh, CCC, Secretary CCC Board, Marketing Coordinator, East River Electric

On September 22, during the time the Certified Cooperative Communicator (CCC) board would have normally met in person, they instead met virtually. Fourteen of our board members and NRECA staff attended the virtual meeting.

Jean Capon, the program administrator, reported on the status of candidates in the process of obtaining their certification. As of July 1, 2020, the CCC board temporarily suspended new applications due to the updating of the CCC program. The board anticipates re-launching the program with many improved features on May 1, 2021. The board is working individually with current candidates to help them complete the program prior to May 1. Lydia Walters, CCC Board President and Jean gave an update from the Ad Hoc Committee working on the program transition. Erika Neff provided an update from the Council of Rural Electric Communicators (CREC) who are currently accepting applications for the J.C. Brown Award and Spotlight Awards. Jean also gave an update on the new learning management system (LMS) that NRECA will launch this fall.

Each committee provided an update on their projects. The CAPS committee noted that work on a digitized Body of Knowledge continues, with the ultimate goal of having it housed on the LMS – hopefully in late 2021. The Communications & Marketing Committee shared they were working on social media posts and the fall newsletter. The Program and Planning Committee has been working on revised portfolio requirements, digital test questions and revising other portions of the program manual.

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