By: CCC Staff

Interested in serving on the Certified Cooperative Communicator board? Great! The board is an energetic group of folks who work together to assist and advance cooperative communicators and to recognize excellence in the field. New ideas and perspectives help fuel this team's effectiveness.

If you’re interested in running for seat on the CCC board of directors, an invitation with election instructions will be sent out to all CCCs in February. Election materials will be due to NRECA in March, and qualifying candidates will be placed on the ballot.

Serving as a CCC director requires a significant commitment from you as well as your co-op. You are required to attend at least 2 of the 3 in-person meetings per year and participate in monthly conference calls. Your CEO must be willing to bear the cost of travel and your time away from the office. Directors are elected by a simple majority vote (or a plurality if there are more than two nominees) of returned ballots, and serve 2-year terms, potentially serving 3 consecutive terms. Election results for new directors or re-election of current directors are announced in May.

We’re not just asking for your vote in director elections this year. We’re also putting a new set of operating guidelines out to the membership for approval. Because the CCC program is an NRECA program, we have converted our existing bylaws to operating guidelines. The CCC Program and Planning Committee spent the last two years diligently editing and reorganizing the document, and we need approval from you, our fellow CCCs.

Please keep a close watch for your CCC ballot via email in March. Or, visit the program’s page on