​​​By: CCC Board

Are you interested in serving on the Certified Cooperative Communicator board? The board is responsible for the program's overall policy and direction, as well as the standards and requirements to become a CCC and maintain certification.

Election instructions will be sent out to all CCCs in the first part of February. Election materials will be due to NRECA in early March, and qualifying candidates will be placed on the ballot. Election results are announced in mid-April.

Serving as a CCC director requires a significant commitment from you as well as your co-op. You are required to attend at least two of the three board meetings per year and participate in monthly conference calls. In addition, you will serve on a committee. Your CEO must be willing to bear the cost of travel and your time away from your job. Directors are elected by a simple majority vote (or a plurality if there are more than two nominees) of returned ballots, and serve two-year terms, potentially serving up to three consecutive terms.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact CCC administrator Jean Capon: jean.capon@nreca.coop; 703-907-5998.

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