Co-op Connections Gets Even Better

An offer that can put $500 in members’ wallets, a new eye-catching campaign targeting millennials, and the return of Co-op Connections Day are among the highlights as Touchstone Energy® Cooperatives’ Co-op Connections Card enters its second decade.

One of the new ads in the Because Co-op Connections campaign. (Photo By: Touchstone Energy Cooperatives)

One of the new ads in the Because Co-op Connections campaign. (Photo By: Touchstone Energy Cooperatives)

More than 500 co-ops participate in the program, and among its many successes is the $102 million that members have saved on prescriptions since 2007.

But it's not resting on laurels.

A new offer allows members and employees of participating co-ops to get a $500 rebate when buying or leasing a new Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep, Ram or Hyundai. They just have to complete the form under the BonusDrive Advantage program.

"The first time one of your members uses this, they're going to love you," said Scott Bialick, senior program manager, business development, at Touchstone Energy. The rebates are paid by the automobile manufacturers, and measures are taken to ensure that only co-op members and employees receive checks.

Touchstone Energy is also launching the tongue-in-cheek "Because Co-op Connections" campaign, which includes six print ads that Bialick said "are meant to draw in all members, of course, but particularly the hard-to-reach millennials."

The ads do this by showing millennials enjoying themselves at the movies, fishing, on a boat—all thanks to the money the Co-op Connections Card saved them all year. The campaign also has numerous web banners which, like the ads, can be personalized by co-ops.

Finally, National Co-op Connections Day Part Two is coming October 6.

"The idea behind the promotional day is that co-ops can get their local businesses excited. It's a great way to celebrate the program," said Bialick.

One example he cited is having your co-op partner with a local doughnut shop so that members showing their card that day get a free doughnut and coffee before 10 a.m.

"The co-op gets goodwill; the small business loves you; your members are happy," said Bialick. In a promotion like this the co-op typically absorbs the cost of the goods.

There's also going to be a social media photo contest in September and October. Members can snap a picture of themselves with the card and post it to Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #ImConnected.

"We'll collect all of those and have a third party vote on the top winners," said Bialick.