Five advisory committees are responsible for program development and making recommendations with their member co-ops to the Touchstone Energy board of directors.

They include:

Brand Strategy

  • Provides oversight and direction of all external communication efforts in support of Touchstone Energy member cooperatives including:

    • Creative implementation
    • Market analysis
    • Message development
    • National advertising planning/placement
    • Promotional and public relations activities
    • Strategic partnerships and alliances
  • Recommends guidelines for local communications spending commitment.
  • Encourages consistent local application of the brand communication strategy

Business Development

Develop and oversee initiatives that help cooperatives demonstrate the Cooperative Advantage by strengthening their relationships with members and businesses by:

  • Developing and enhancing partnerships between cooperatives and national, regional and local businesses
  • Identifying and sharing best business practices, such as service expectations and excellence, energy management and energy industry trends
  • Helping to foster community and economic development

Cooperative Relations

Encourages the use of the brand to demonstrate the cooperative advantage. Motivates members to take ownership and realize the full value of the brand by:

  • Communicating the value and return on investment the brand brings to Touchstone Energy co-ops
  • Emphasizing how the brand is relevant to all roles, their co-op and their members
  • Continually educating stakeholders about new and existing programs
  • Demonstrating the value of brand resources, for both retention and recruitment of members

Energy Solutions

  • Encourage member systems to identify residential energy programs which provide value to member-consumers.
  • Develop and deliver residential programs, services, and applications which assist cooperatives to:
    • Educate and assist member-consumers in the wise and efficient use of energy, while demonstrating and enhancing the value of electricity
    • Promote new and existing technologies, which assist cooperatives to effectively and efficiently manage energy
    • Promote energy efficiency education and awareness of building science for member-consumers and co-op staff
    • Research, identify, and share best practices

Standards and Best Practices

The mission of the Standards & Best Practices Advisory Committee is to help cooperatives build a member-focused culture that:

  • Develops resources for strategy execution and service excellence
  • Provides ways to measure, understand and improve satisfaction and loyalty
  • Identifies, communicates and facilitates the exchange of brand standards and best practices

Committee agendas, information and forums are housed on DirectorPoint. Here is an overview video of the tool.