​​​​ On November 23, 2020, NRECA joined the American Public Power Association (APPA), the Large Public Power Council, (LPPC), and the Utilities Technology Council (UTC) in filing comments with FERC in response to a Notice of Inquiry closely related to the President’s May 1, 2020 Executive Order (EO) on Securing the U.S. Bulk Power System (BPS).  FERC inquired on how the industry is using telecom equipment from certain Chinese manufacturers for BPS operations and reliability.  We explained some of the challenges with determining if subcomponents of equipment previously installed is from these Chinese manufacturers.  We also referenced a NERC data collection from the industry that indicates equipment (exclusive of subcomponents) from these manufacturers is not widely used for BPS operations and reliability.  FERC also asked if the NERC cybersecurity standards should be revised to address equipment from these manufacturers, and we pushed back on that rather strongly.