​​​NRECA filed comments​ on June 2, 2022, in response to the Department of Energy's Notice of Inquiry (NOI) and draft Administrative and Legal Requirements Document (ALRD) setting forth DOE's proposal on how it will administer funds created by the Infrastructure Law to be administered by the States and Indian Tribes to increase resilience and reduce power outages. The program anticipates that the State and Indian Tribes will partner with infrastructure owners to identify and fund projects. NRECA's comments expressed concern in several areas: first, we expressed concern at the timeline proposed by DOE. Given all the tasks that must be accomplished by the States and Indian Tribes (development of goals, objectives, metrics, stakeholder input), we commented that a longer time frame would result in better program outcomes. Second, we expressed concern about the lack of specificity for some of the terms used in the documents. Finally, we observed several areas in which involvement and input from electric cooperatives would lead to more efficient and better outcomes for the funding program. ​