​The comments on the record support weighting to support the deployment of future-proof broadband networks that are capable of providing robust, reliable and affordable broadband services to rural America that are reasonably comparable in terms of quality and cost to the broadband services that are offered in urban areas. UTC and NRECA believe that the Commission should weight the Gigabit Performance Tier to encourage providers to deploy these broadband networks and services, which would make efficient use of available CAF funds by investing in networks that will scale to meet increasing demands. Electric cooperatives and other utilities are already deploying fiber-to-the-home networks and providing Gigabit services in rural areas, and they are proving that these networks and services can be deployed economically and successfully. The Commission should carry that success forward by developing weights for the Phase II auction that support the deployment of broadband networks that provide higher speeds, higher usage allowances, and lower latency. FULL FILING