​NRECA filed comments with FERC on the Secretary of Energy's proposed Grid Resiliency Pricing Rule. NRECA shares his concern that current centralized markets do not fully realize their promise and need reforms if they are to ensure a reliable, resilient supply of affordable electricity in the years ahead. However, NRECA does not support the proposed rule in its current form and recommends instead that FERC should promptly initiate further proceedings focused on the issues raised by the proposed rule. These further proceedings should focus on three matters:

  • Defining the grid reliability and resilience services needed by a regional grid operator from the region's generation resources;

  • Developing reasonable resource-eligibility criteria tied to the ability of the generation resources to provide these needed services; and,

  • Arriving at just and reasonable and not unduly discriminatory or preferential methods of providing appropriate compensation for providing reliability and resilience services.