​​NRECA’s Annual Meeting held in New Orleans, Louisiana, March 1-4, 2020 welcomed over 9,000 co-op managers, employees and directors. Along with the NRECA business sessions, activities included breakout sessions and new opportunities including digital-based Spark Sessions and the Lab to engage more members and highlight data-driven, efficient, forward-thinking technologies. Wynona Judd and the Big Noise headlined Entertainment Night.

Nearly 1,700 co-op leaders attended the annual ACRE Breakfast and participated in the business meeting. NRECA President and ACRE Board Chair Curtis Wynn highlighted the importance of ACRE as a vehicle for co-op members to advocate on behalf of their co-ops and communities. NRECA CEO Jim Matheson highlighted recent legislative wins of enacting the Rural Act, Secure Act, and repealing the Cadillac tax and parking lot tax. He noted that America’s electric cooperatives’ grassroots advocacy helped achieved the enactment of these critical legislative priorities. Matheson also praised ACRE members for making ACRE a true grassroots PAC that gives enormous strength to our advocacy initiatives.

Keynote Speaker David Wasserman​

David Wasserman, Cook Political Report’s the U.S. House editor and senior election analyst, discussed the outlook for the upcoming 2020 elections. Leann Paradise, NRECA senior associate for grassroots advocacy, provided an opportunity for breakfast attendees to participate in using new advocacy technology with their cell phones to advocate on behalf of electric co-ops. More than 500 attendees from across the country took action using their mobile device.

Curtis Wynn and Jim Matheson presented the 2019 ACRE Awards. Ohio received the top ACRE Award for enlisting more members in 2019 with a total 6,519 members. North Carolina took second place with 3,036 ACRE members. Florida placed third with 2,762. Other winners recognized include:

  • Electric Cooperatives of Mississippi's Michael Callahan
    receives two awards from ACRE Chair Curtis Wynn​

    Michigan: Most Leadership Circle Members 32;
  • Mississippi: Most President’s Club Members - 121 and Most Dollars Raised Per Capita- $218;
  • Illinois: Most Vice President’s Members – 89;
  • Arkansas: Most Century Club Members – 572;
  • Alaska: Most Consistent Growth Over the Past 3-Year Period.

See more about the 2019 ACRE Year in the 2019 ACRE Annual Report, which includes state rankings, the ACRE Honor Roll, and information about which candidates ACRE supported.

The ACRE team applauds all award winners on their accomplishments and appreciates your continued participation in the ACRE program. We look forward to seeing everyone at the 2021 NRECA Annual Meeting in San Diego, California!

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