When electric cooperatives began to electrify rural America in the mid-1930s, only 10 percent of rural households had electric service. Today, electric cooperatives provide affordable and reliable energy to 42 million consumers in 47 states. Through NRECA International, the rural electrification efforts of electric cooperatives extend beyond our nation’s borders, bringing electricity access to 120 million people in 43 countries, and in the process, helping create approximately 200 rural electric cooperatives in Latin America, Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. Our work has boosted agricultural productivity, created millions of new jobs in micro and small enterprises, and produced higher incomes and quality of life for rural communities in these countries.

NRECA urges Senate and House leaders and appropriators to increase funding for USAID’s Cooperative Development Program. NRECA also urges Congress to support specific funding authorizations for expansion of electric cooperative projects around the world through Power Africa/Electrify Africa.