​This package is designed to help you find your next senior staff leaders. Whether you are looking for C-suite or department heads, we work with your hiring team to thoughtfully determine the qualifications needed for success and, leveraging our national network, we bring a list of qualified, vetted candidates to the hiring team. This package is useful if you can leverage your internal expertise interviewing candidates and can facilitate the discussion that selects the final hire.

Position Understanding

  • Leadership Profile Questionnaire (LPQ): If you don’t know what you are looking for, you aren’t going to get what you want. For this reason, the LPQ is the most critical piece of anysearch process that we do. Using the NRECA Electric Cooperative Employee Competencies model as our framework, our anonymous surveys are administered to the hiring teams for oursenior staff searches.

  • LPQ Phone Review: Once the LPQ results are aggregated, it’s important to ensure consensus of the results and that the qualifications for success for your co-op are well represented.

  • Creation of Job Description: The job description is created from our LPQ discussion.

  • Compensation Analysis (optional): A compensation market analysis is provided for consideration by the board. This will not be a recommend ation of compensation, rather a resource available to help establish the market value of the position and the compensation range to be communicated to prospective applicants.

Candidate Generation

  • Job Postings: The job description is posted on,, LinkedIn and RE Magazine.

  • Passive Candidate Outreach: We reach out to existing CEOs and general managers so they can share your senior staff opportunity. We also reach out to active and passive candidates in our national networks who could be a good fit for your position.

Candidate Screening

  • Resume and Phone Screening: All applications (internal or external) go through the same application process and then are screened against the qualifications determined at the LPQ review. Promising applicants are then vetted further through our phone screening interviews.

  • EEOC Information Collection (optional): NRECA will collect and provide anonymous EEOC information after the search is completed.

  • Hogan Insight Leadership Assessment (optional): The Hogan Insight Leadership Assessment is more than a personality analysis. It provides boards and hiring teams with a concise overview of candidates’ strengths, performance risks and core values. This tool can be used for the double purpose of selection and development, especially if the co-op has strong internal candidates.

  • Reference Checks: As a secondary screening process, we conduct reference checks before we provide a summary of the most qualified candidates to the board or hiring team.

  • Summary of Screened Candidates via Phone: Based on your initial guidelines from the LPQ, we have extensively screened a pool of candidates to present a manageable list of qualified candidates to the board or hiring team.

Candidate Interviewing

  • Notification of Non-Selected Candidates: When your co-op selects their next leader, NRECA will notify all non-selected candidates that a decision has been made.

  • Background and Credit Checks: NRECA conducts background and credit checks.

  • Candidate Scheduling (optional): Administrative support is provided to ensure that the logistics are taken care of for your finalist candidates.

  • In-Person Interviews (optional): NRECA can facilitate the in-person interviews and related interview logistics including scheduling and managing expense reimbursement.

Additional Benefits

First-year appraisal or similar consulting service (optional): If needed, NRECA consultants can provide your new leader’s first-year appraisal or other NRECA human capital services such as executive coaching or senior team development assessments.

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