Electric Vehicle Strategy

EV Adoption Strategy

Although consumer demand for Electric Vehicles (EVs) has risen significantly in recent years, EVs are still relatively new, and many Americans are still unfamiliar with the technology and the concept of using electricity as a transportation fuel.

Increasing adoption will require strategic, ongoing outreach and education to consumers. As an information resource on EVs, co-ops can engage with their members, encourage members to play a greater role in managing their energy consumption and improve member satisfaction. Educational initiatives are also useful for alerting members who currently own EVs to any special EV rates offered and encouraging them to practice grid-friendly charging behavior.

The added retail loads from widespread EV charging will change the magnitude and shape of electrical loads. While the additional loads could require costly upgrades to maintain distribution system reliability, there are many opportunities to minimize or even eliminate upgrades through optimal charger placement and smart EV charging management that an EV roadmap and strategic plan could help clarify.

Additionally, some cooperatives are aiming to own and operate Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) or EVs and may require assistance in developing proposal requests to secure optimal pricing and services.

Beyond maintaining the status quo, EVs can bolster grid stability and improve distribution systems, especially when paired with distributed solar, storage, or when equipped with grid-interactive support. Strategic plans should consider EV charging in coordination with Distributed Energy Resources (DERs), as future distribution grids will have high levels of both.

Our Services

EV Research Report
The customized regional report focused on distribution service territory, including, but not limited to, outlining EV and EVSE penetration, trends, and state and federal policy and programs driving adoption.

EV Strategic Roadmap
Customized roadmap of recommendations for distribution cooperatives based on a pre-requisite custom EV Research Report and cooperative goals based on current levels of adoption with a focus on how programs may shift as adoption grows.

Proposal Development
NRECA Consulting Services will work with cooperative staff to create a single Request for Proposal (RFP) to meet your cooperative’s EV charging goals while evaluating the widest range of vendors possible to receive the RFP(s).

EV Consumer Segmentation Study
The Consumer Segmentation Study will study the behaviors of regional community members to help better predict future EV adoption and integration based on community surveys and research studies to indicate potential regional EV buying habits.


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