The NRECA green ball symbol was designed to represent electric lines crossing the green rolling hills of America’s countryside. It reflects the power of the countryside, the strength and unity of the rural electrification program and the history and longevity of the national network of electric cooperatives.

If your co-op has adopted this symbol, and signed a license agreement to use it, the symbol, together with the logotype of your organization’s name—spelled out or as an acronym—and any other visual identity used by your system, represents your organization’s visual identity. Proper and consistent use of the symbol helps ensure your visual identity stays clear and strong.

Brand Guidelines

NRECA Green Ball Symbol Brand Guidelines
These guidelines are intended to provide written and visual direction for correctly applying your brand identity elements to a wide range of applications.

SYMBOL Downloads

A license agreement is required for all members to download and use of the Green Ball logo on any of the materials. If you are unsure whether your cooperative has a license agreement to use the Green Ball logo or would like to obtain permission to use the Green Ball, contact

Download the NRECA green ball symbol below. Each includes color and black-and-white versions: