The RC3 program is developing a series of resources to provide cooperatives guidance in addressing their cybersecurity needs:

  • RC3 Cybersecurity Guidebook Series
    Like safety, cybersecurity is a responsibility of everyone at a cooperative. However, each job role in a co-op may have unique cybersecurity responsibilities. RC3 is developing a series of seven cybersecurity guidebooks to provide information pertinent to specific job roles within a cooperative. The first guidebook, focused on staff that have responsibilities in communications, member services and public relations, is expected to be released by June 2018. The second guidebook will focus on cybersecurity issues relevant to attorneys and legal staff that work with cooperatives.

  • Managed Cybersecurity Service Providers Catalogue
    To aid NRECA members that may be looking to outsource cybersecurity work, NRECA worked with the American Public Power Association on a joint project with PreScouter Inc. to develop a catalogue of managed security service providers that offer commercial off-the-shelf solutions. NRECA service and associate members who provide cybersecurity products and services are listed in this report as well.
    Managed Cybersecurity Services Providers for Electric Utilities