NRECA's Rural Cooperative Cybersecurity Capabilities (RC3) Program worked with cybersecurity consultant Delta Risk, LLC, to develop the RC3 Cybersecurity Tabletop Exercise Toolkit (TTX Toolkit). A tabletop exercise (TTX) for cybersecurity provides a structured opportunity to test your cooperative's ability to assess and respond to a potentially damaging cyber incident. This effort was funded by the U.S. Department of Energy to create cybersecurity resources for distribution cooperatives.

The RC3 TTX Toolkit provides relevant cybersecurity incident scenarios with real world implications. There are three categories of scenarios designed to meet a broad range of cooperative skills.

  • Category 1: For cooperatives with no IT staff and limited IT capabilities.
  • Category 2: For cooperatives that have IT staff but limited cybersecurity skills and experience.
  • Category 3: For cooperatives with IT staff who have cybersecurity skills and experience.

You can choose a scenario from any of the categories based on your assessment of your cooperative's current cybersecurity incident response and preparedness capabilities.

All of the TTX Toolkit resources will be available through this NRECA website.

The RC3 TTX Toolkit will help staff members across your cooperative realize they have roles to play in protecting their cooperative. Cybersecurity is everyone's responsibility – not just IT's.

Please note: The RC3 Cybersecurity Tabletop Exercise Toolkit (TTX) scenarios can be conducted in a virtual environment through a coordinated web conference and do not require participants to assemble at the same location.

More Information:

This material is based upon work supported by the Department of Energy National Energy Technology Laboratory under Award Number(s) DE-OE0000807.