Plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) adoption is growing at both the consumer and commercial levels. This growth could significantly impact the electric sector. Many co-ops are investing time and capital into learning about the opportunities and drawbacks of PEV adoption. Purchasing PEVs — and putting the vehicles to the test in a variety of work applications — is one of the best ways for co-ops to learn about PEVs.

This article completes a two-volume guide focused on PEVs for commercial fleets, and provides more in-depth information for co-ops exploring PEVs for their fleet. It covers the key criteria to consider when determining whether PEVs are a good fit for your co-op, the spectrum of commercial PEV models applicable to co-ops, a brief overview of charging infrastructure installation, best practices for reducing the payback periods on PEVs, and ways that various co-ops are approaching PEVs.

The first article in this series, Fleet Electrification 101, examines more generally the evolving market for electric vehicles and application of this technology to utility fleets.

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