VirtualBatteries is a software application which allows its users to simulate the behavior of a group of thermostatically controlled loads and hence determine the energy savings and demand response potential from running them at different setpoints or at different times. The simulation technology is being developed by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), and NRECA has added an easy-to-use graphical interface. Screenshots and additional details follow on the last page of this advisory.

In support of this research effort:

  1. NRECA is seeking 2 or more co-op partners who can test the software and provide feedback to guide its future development.
  2. There will be a teleconference to show you how to use the software, gather your feedback, and answer any questions you have. No travel is required.
  3. The software is accessible via the web, so it does not require any installation.
  4. This project is a grant-funded effort from the Department of Energy. There is no cost share requirement or financial contribution for participating co-ops.
  5. Interested co-ops are requested to respond by emailing