​Federal standards, utility programs, and U.S. Department of Energy have all contributed to a swiftly evolving lighting landscape. Traditional incandescent bulbs are being phased out, and CFLs and LEDs are used in more applicati​ons.  Older lighting programs that promoted only CFLs were one of, if not the, least expensive utility efficiency programs, but these are becoming outdated with changes to technology and new lighting efficiency standards. Going forward, modern lighting programs must adapt to stay relevant and maximize savings. This article explains the state of the lighting market and what co-ops can do to continue to promote lighting savings.

Value to Electric Cooperatives

Electric cooperatives can and should continue to help drive lighting savings. Modern lighting programs will still offer significant benefits to members and co-ops.  This article provides insights regarding the evolution of lighting, residential and commercial applications, relevant standards, and consumer needs and preferences. 


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