Cooperatives are looking to demand-side management (DSM) for ways to better serve their members, by exploring alternatives to traditional supply-side options. Other pressures, such as federal emissions regulations like the Clean Power Plan (CPP), may cause states to set stricter DSM targets for utilities. These targets may have associated evaluation, measurement, and verification (EM&V) requirements. For these and other reasons, the need for DSM potential studies is growing.  This article explains the different types of DSM potential studies and how they are used, and provides cost-savings tips for co-ops considering such studies.

Value to Electric Cooperatives

Cooperatives may find the need or opportunity to increase DSM activity in their territories. The first step in this process is often conducting a DSM potential study to define the DSM opportunities that are economically and/or practically achievable. Cooperatives conducting DSM potential studies can benefit by doing so in as cost-effective manner as possible.


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