​Home energy reports (HERs) have long been used by utilities to give residential members tools to manage their energy use. Market research shows that small and mid-size business consumers want more attention from their utilities in the form of data about their energy usage and analysis that has been tailored to meet their specific needs.  The past success of Home Energy Reports has prompted some utilities to provide similar reports to businesses.  This article discusses the use of Business Energy Reports as a tool for co-ops to increase member engagement and achieve modest energy savings.

Value to Electric Cooperatives

BER programs are another tool for co-ops to increase member engagement and potentially achieve modest energy savings through resulting behavior changes and participation in energy efficiency programs by SMBs. However, these programs may require a higher program scale than many co-ops can reach on their own in order to be cost-effective. Though the BER model may eventually become viable, consistent cost-savings have not currently been demonstrated.  However, some cooperatives may find value beyond cost-savings by leveraging BERs to boost member engagement and satisfaction.


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