In recent years, battery energy storage has become a realistic option for improving grid operation, including peak shaving and renewables integration, as well as mitigating, avoiding, or deferring infrastructure investments, such as upgrades to transmission and distribution (T&D) assets. This article reviews the opportunities for battery energy storage systems (BEES), includes information on related NRECA Use Case studies, and emphasizes the importance for cooperatives to identify the primary application for a BESS technology when developing a business case.

Value to Electric Cooperatives

Some cooperatives have begun operating one or more BESS to enhance operations. The battery energy storage industry is evolving, with new technologies promising improved performance and new operational characteristics, such as longer life, lower-cost, and improved safety. Cooperatives that want to explore the applicability of a BESS to an operational issue face the challenge of matching a technology to an application and justifying the business case. This article provides insights and guidance to assist cooperatives with this process.


Engineering, Operations