This project will ensure that one of NRECA's most valued tools remains up-to-date and useful to co-ops. The new Staking Manual will make it easier for co-ops to train new people in the vital skill of staking.


Distribution lines are the major asset of an electric co-op, and the process of staking these lines is a core skill for a co-op. The current NRECA publication on this topic, Simplified Staking Manual for Overhead Distribution Lines, Second Edition is one of the most popular and valuable NRECA products, according to member feedback. There have been several developments that now make it important to revise and update the manual. Among these developments are the new edition of the National Electric Safety Code (NESC); a new RUS bulletin about standard structures for overhead lines; and the trend toward conductors larger than 477 kcmil (which are not covered in the existing staking manual).


This manual helps to simplify the staking of overhead distribution lines. The motivation for this manual is the continued loss, mostly through retirement, of experienced field engineers who are specialists in the staking of distribution lines. NRECA is helping to fill the gap caused by the loss of these staff members by creating a good reference document to train new staking technicians.

Audiences Served

Engineering, operations, field staff, key accounts, member services, staking, overhead lines, training


Engineering, operations, staking, overhead lines, training