This report presents the results of a benchmarking survey prepared by the SEAM, formerly LCMSEA, Interest Group of CEATI International to identify and document the triggers used by member utilities to initiate specific maintenance tasks for station equipment within their respective maintenance programs.

Value to Electric Cooperatives

This project examines the triggers that utilities are using to initiate maintenance tasks or tests. Tasks can be initiated by time, alarms, events or other test results. These “triggers” were identified for the equipment classes noted in 3078, which includes:

  • Power transformers and LTCs

  • Circuit Breakers (SF6, air blast, oil) and Circuit Switchers

  • Disconnect Switches (motorized and manual)

  • Instrument Transformers (CTs, VTs, and CVTs) including oil or SF6 filled

  • Bushings

  • Surge Arrestors

  • Capacitor banks (series, shunt, fused, fuseless)

  • Battery Banks

  • Audience

  • Engineering & Operations Staff


Maintenance Triggers & Intervals Compilation of Survey Responses
Maintenance Triggers & Intervals Report

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