This project was created with the objective to develop a guide to help utility engineers ensure that

  1. Power transformer tenders are properly technically evaluated prior to awarding the order;

  2. The transformer design is thoroughly understood and approved;

  3. Manufacturing inspections are performed thoroughly; and

  4. Testing is witnessed and properly carried out – all are critical to the delivery of a reliable and long lasting product.

Value to Electric Cooperatives

This comprehensive guide provides detailed coverage of the important technical aspects of the procurement process, including the evaluation of bids, design reviews, practical checks and test methods, common oversights and their avoidance, and other methods for ensuring the delivery of fully compliant power transformers. It provides generic data sheets for design reviews and check sheets for common factory inspections so that these processes can be performed consistently. This guide documents relevant information in the form of a guide to tender evaluation based on the experience and knowledge of the project team in transformer procurement gained over many years of working in and with major electrical utilities and transformer manufacturers.

The guide is intended for use with new core-form type power transformers in the range of 10 MVA and larger and 13.8 kV to 765 kV.


Engineering & Operations staff


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