This collection of reports evaluates the effects and implications of cyclic operation on equipment in steam-based, fossil-fueled power plants.

The CEATI Thermal Generation Interest Group (TGIG) undertook this study.


Due to changes in demand and increase intermittent generation, many existing coal-fired plants are now subject to two-shift operation and/or part-load running.


Collected are three reports.

  1. Impacts of Increased Intermittent Generation on Baseloaded Coal Operations
    Takes a high-level look at the affect that 30% or more wind generation may have on co-op fossil generation and provides tips to mitigate its potential impact.

  2. Damage to Power Plants Due to Cyclic Operations and Guidelines for Best Practices
    Surveyed plant operators, manufacturers, and R&D organizations to assess the damage and best practices resulting increased cyclic operations industry-wide.

  3. Damage to CCGTs due to Cyclic Operation
    Collates and reviews available information and experience on the operation of combined cycle plant under cycling conditions. This report identifies the key engineering threats and operational constraints, assess the impact on engineering and operating costs, and provides guidelines on how to solve the problems associated with cyclic operation.


One of the principal findings has been that the major cost implications of cyclic operation do not occur until some years after changing from base load. After this time, the cyclic effects of two-shifting will begin to cause significant damage to components.

Planning for updated control systems should begin at those baseloaded coal boilers most likely to be the first used for cycling operation. At the selected lead boiler, installation of a fully updated control and data system, including logic control subsystems, will help a utility to acquire experience for ultimately updating other units. Monitoring the status and projections for wind generation and modifying rollouts of dispatch improvements and baseload generation upgrades as appropriate will help to move a baseloaded coal-fired plant toward acceptable cycling service.


Engineering and operations staff


Two-shifting, Load management, Coal, Fossil fuel, Generation, carbon sequestration