This guide strives to provide background knowledge, tools, and quotable advice that will help our members maintain objective discussions with their consumers to inform them of the accurate costs and benefits of residential solar generation.


Co-op personnel are increasingly being asked by consumers for information about installing solar generation (100W- 30 kW). This interest is growing, whether or not local conditions favor solar generation. In order to effectively deal with these requests, cooperatives need a well-documented and factual assessment of existing and new solar generation technologies, which member services and engineering and operations personnel can consult.


This project developed a residential solar generation guide for co-op member services and engineers. It includes: 1) a technical overview of existing and new solar technologies (100W- 30 kW); 2) essential information on the expected range of delivered costs of solar power to the consumer-owner; 3) case studies of solar projects on co-op lines; and 4) a customizable co-op consumer handout.


The guide—intended for member services, engineering, and operations personnel— reviews the various reasons for cooperatives to support member consumers interested in installing solar systems. The guide also outlines the requirements for supporting this interest and what cooperatives can do to prepare the necessary materials.


Engineering and operations staff


Solar, PV, Photovotiacs, net metering, solar generation