NRECA Member Resolutions

Our Annual Member Resolutions Process

NRECA's Member Resolutions are created and refined during an annual cycle that gives members an opportunity to participate at every step. This policy governance process is essential to NRECA. As we face legislative and regulatory challenges in Washington D.C., it is through these resolutions that voting members give our association guidance and direction in advocating for electric cooperatives and our 42 million member-owners. Participation is both a responsibility and a benefit of co-op membership. If you have questions about the Member Resolutions Process, please contact


Proposals developed nationally by the NRECA National Resolutions Committee or locally, at each NRECA Regional Meeting


NRECA voting member systems whose registered delegates vote at the Business Meetings


Voting member systems have the right to participate and exercise their vote


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Featured Event: NRECA Regional Meetings

The NRECA Regional Meetings will take place in September and October. Voting members will have the option to participate in-person or online (Note: all voting delegates, please be sure to review important information and technical requirements; voting delegates participating online, please watch this instructional video previewing the business meeting website). Online participants will be able to fully participate in the member resolutions process. Regional Resolutions Committees will consider proposals forwarded by the NRECA National Resolutions Committee in the 2021 Compendium of Proposed Resolutions. Voting members, remember to certify a voting delegate!

Video: Overview of the Resolutions Process

NRECA Assistant General Counsel Jessica Healy reviews the resolutions process and how you can participate.