NRECA's member-focused website is sporting a fresh new look designed to help you find information more quickly and easily.

The redesign concludes a three-year digital expansion at NRECA to better serve members with more engaging websites. The new offers members a customized site "where they can connect, grow and get things done," said NRECA's Jessica O'Neal, director of digital strategy.  

"We want the new to be your gateway to the electric co-op industry, providing you easy access to all the resources and information you need to operate your business daily."

The new goes live Feb. 17, and NRECA will unveil it on day one of the annual meeting in Nashville, Tennessee. Below, O'Neal describes the site's changes and improvements.

Q. Why are you changing the site?

A. Members told us in interviews and surveys that the old site had become too cumbersome and difficult to use.  They also told us they wanted a website to be fresh and timely. They didn't like coming to the old homepage and seeing the same thing every day. Finally, they wanted a personalized site to reflect their needs and preferences.

Q. So how is the new site easier to use?

A. There are now easy-to-navigate menus, an improved search function and a better organization of resources, including the ability to explore by topic rather than department.

Q. Tell me how the site is more personalized.

A. You will be able to specify which topics and types of information are of interest to you, and the site will provide that content to you each day. We know that many co-op employees wear different hats and need to keep up on topics that might fall outside their official job title.

Q. I'm a mobile user. Will I notice anything different?

A. Yes. More news and information will be available without having to log in and provide a password. And a new mobile-friendly design will let you access that information on the fly. However, we are committed to protecting sensitive information, such as the RS plan, on the site.

Q. What else can I expect?

A. Later this year, we will debut "Professional Communities," an online, secure community that will allow you to connect with your colleagues and peers. This is another way to enhance the user experience based on needs and preferences.

For more on the new, check out the introductory video about the site and a letter from NRECA CEO Jim Matheson.