Throughout April, NRECA is celebrating lineworkers by highlighting the men and women who help keep the lights on in homes across America.

Every day, these lineworkers face immense risks. Carrying heavy gear, they regularly scale 40-foot poles near high-voltage power lines—often in the wake of Mother Nature’s worst when their communities are at their most vulnerable. It’s no wonder the profession is among the 25 most dangerous jobs in the country.

But lineworkers do more than just keep the lights on and their communities safe. NRECA asked for member co-ops to share stories of lineworkers who have gone above and beyond—both on the job and in the community. As the gallery above shows, these lineworkers do everything from rescuing family pets from trees (and members from car accidents) to coaching youth sports teams in their communities, and even performing the Heimlich maneuver in restaurants.

NRECA salutes the people who best exemplify the cooperative spirit: our lineworkers.