As electric co-ops in the Southeast deal with power restoration in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael, NRECA is closely monitoring the situation and supporting co-ops affected by the storm.

NRECA's communications and government relations departments are leading the effort, which is designed to provide resources to electric co-ops as they respond to the storm. During Hurricanes Florence, Harvey, Irma and Maria, NRECA supported affected co-ops by providing talking points, social media guidance, earned media outreach and more.

NRECA also coordinates with FEMA, DOE and other federal agencies during extreme weather events, providing situation updates to our federal partners on the co-op storm response.

If your co-op has questions or would like support, please contact Stephen Bell (, 571-205-7719) or Martha Duggan (, 703-907-5848).


The Communicators Professional Community offers a channel for co-op communicators to support one another during storm communication efforts and share resources.


Check out the latest scenes from co-ops’ storm response. If your co-op would like to submit photos, please email


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