Co-op leaders will have the chance to share ideas face-to-face this fall as NRECA’s Regional Meetings return to in-person events beginning Sept. 8 in Maryland.

Last year, Regional Meetings were held online for a week in October, before COVID-19 vaccinations became widely available. This year, NRECA has adopted a hybrid format that allows participants to choose between attending each of the five meetings in person or online.

“The Regional Meetings are the chance for all cooperatives to make their voices heard,” said Kristen Wheeler, NRECA’s meetings program manager. “The meetings will bring together cooperative CEOs and directors, in-person and online, to learn, network and tackle issues that affect the electric cooperative community.”

Here’s a look at the schedule and some of the highlights:


• Regions 1&4: Sept. 8-10 in National Harbor, Maryland.
• Regions 5&6: Sept. 15-17 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
• Regions 7&9: Sept. 28-30 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
• Regions 2&3: Oct. 5-7 in Birmingham, Alabama.
• Regions 8&10: Oct. 19-21 in Dallas, Texas.


NRECA President Chris Christensen and NRECA CEO Jim Matheson will speak during the general sessions. NRECA Secretary-Treasurer Joe Martin will present the financial report.

Phil Irwin, president and CEO of Federated Rural Electric Insurance Exchange, will talk about efforts to help eliminate serious injuries and deaths among co-op employees.

Becky McCray, co-founder of SaveYour.Town and the Survey of Rural Challenges, will share insights from her experience as a business owner, town administrator and cattle rancher at the meetings in National Harbor, Birmingham and Dallas. She is the author of “Small Town Rules” and lives in Hopeton, Oklahoma, which has a population of just 30 people. She plans to offer practical steps to shape a better future for rural communities.

In Minneapolis and Las Vegas, Deb Brown, the other SaveYour.Town co-founder, will talk about creating opportunities in small towns.

Member Resolutions Process

The events will include a meeting of each region’s Regional Resolutions Committee. The committees consider and make recommendations on the Compendium of Proposed Resolutions. This is an opportunity for voting members to learn more about the proposed resolutions and participate in the committee’s deliberations. The resolutions address co-op views on a wide range of policy issues.

Audience members are encouraged to ask questions of committee members. Voting members of NRECA may offer new resolutions sponsored by their co-op board or statewide association for the committee to consider.

Business Meetings

Each region will have its own separate business meeting on the last day of the events. NRECA voting members are encouraged to certify a voting delegate to ensure their voices are heard on proposed resolutions.

For more information about the 2021 Regional Meetings, check out a list of frequently asked questions.