As the pandemic casts a shadow on this year’s holiday season, brightness and cheer can be hard to find. In the nation’s rural communities, electric cooperatives are bringing some respite to families and communities in creative ways that observe safety protocols.

This holiday season, co-ops have worked to make events safe and fun for families and employees. Bucket trucks participated in “unparades,” events featuring stationary floats lined up in a parking lot viewable to spectators by car. End-of-year gifts for employees came from struggling local businesses. And co-ops remembered needy families hit hard by the pandemic with food and toy drives.

Fleming-Mason Energy Cooperative usually lights up its headquarters in Flemingsburg, Kentucky, but this year’s tumult called for a different approach. Employees rolled up their sleeves to build a 25-minute drive-by light show running on the half-hour each night until New Year’s Eve.

“We felt like the community needed something special, and we wanted to do something that would embody the holiday spirit and allow people to enjoy some of the traditions of Christmas in a COVID-friendly way,” said Lori Ulrich, the co-op’s marketing and public relations manager.

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