​​​​​​​​​​Thank you for your interest in speaking at the 2024 TechAdvantage Conference. Your participation and contribution are critical to achieving the best quality conference that will advance attendees’ knowledge and skills.

Review and Selection Criteria
Demand always exceeds supply, and we receive more proposals than we have available presentation slots. It is a competitive process, and the TechAdvantage advisory group wil​l evaluate all submissions using the criteria listed below. Please keep in mind some tracks receive a greater number of submissions to consider so the ratio of submissions to speaking slots per track may not allow for the committee to choose even some of the best received proposals.

  • How well does this proposal address the topic and its descriptors/objectives?
  • What has changed in the industry and does this submission address any of those changes?
  • How do those changes impact co-ops and does this submission address those impacts?
  • What are the actionable items that attendees will walk away with from this submission?
  • Is this a co-op/vendor partnership?
  • How technical is this submission and what level of audience will it attract?
  • Is this submission a real-world case study or more academic?

TechAdvantage Conference Speaker Registration Policy
We hope you consider presenting at the TechAdvantage conference a great honor. Everyone listed as a speaker on the submission form will be sent a speaker confirmation letter and agreement that outlines the specifics of their participation. If you are chosen as a presenter, you will still be required to register for the conference. If your company is exhibiting in the expo, and you are registered as an exhibitor, there’s no need to register for the conference separately.

Submitting a Presentation Proposal

  • NRECA will only accept complete submissions no TBD in lieu of session titles, speakers or session descriptions. Submissions with a TBD will be marked as incomplete and will not be accepted. Complete submissions also apply to panel presentations.
  • Please submit no more than two (2) proposals per individual/organization.
  • The deadline for submission is Friday, June 9, 2023. You will receive an automatic confirmation of your submission. Please keep this confirmation for your files. This submission confirmation does not constitute acceptance of your session.
  • Final slate of speakers finalized by mid-October 2023.

​Tips to Increase Consideration of Your Submission

  • Include electric cooperative involvement in the presentation.
  • Sessions must be unbiased, free of sales/company/corporate marketing and must avoid indirect promotion of any product or service. Eliminate the perception of a marketing presentation by limiting references to products or vendors. The committee is very sensitive to this issue.
  • When submitting an abstract for a panel, include the names of the panelists at the time of submission.​​

If you have any further questions, contact Alison Kent at or 703-907-5857.​