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Analyzing Your Capital Credits Policy: Pitfalls and Potential HazardsVarious8/7/2018
ASC 2016-02 Lease Accounting: Making the TransitionKamaldeep Dhaliwal8/6/2018
Broadband Accounting for Separate VenturesVarious8/6/2018
Broadband Financing OptionsVarious8/6/2018
Broadband Financing OptionsVarious8/6/2018
Credit and Collections Risk ManagementVarious8/6/2018
Cybercrime: Why Finance and Accounting Staff are Targets and What You Can Do to Protect Your Co-opCynthia Hsu8/6/2018
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Deferred Taxes and ImplicationsVarious8/6/2018
Depreciation Study: Composite Rate AnalysisRich Compton8/6/2018
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Evolution of a Great ReportRandall Bolten8/6/2018
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FEMA Procurement Requirements: What’s New and What Do You Need to Do to Comply?Various8/6/2018
Financial Leadership by the NumbersBud Kulesza8/7/2018
Financial Ratio Toolbox: Top Ten Tools for the Cooperative Finance ProfessionalsTeri Wallis8/6/2018
Fraud Prevention and DetectionMichael Schulstad8/6/2018
General Session 1: Leadership FundamentalsBill Reeb8/6/2018
General Session 2: Should I or Shouldn’t I? The Basics of Business Ethics for Cooperative PersonnelSteve Dawson8/7/2018
General Session 4: The Theory of Constraints and the Power of FocusKristen Cox8/7/2018
General Session 5: Cyber "In" Security: Are You the Problem?Jay Ferron8/8/2018
General Session 6: Reality-Based Leadership: Ditching the Drama and Turning Excuses into ResultsKelli Thompson8/8/2018
Improving Audit Trails and Processes: Let Technology do the Heavy LiftingSeleta Mason8/8/2018
In Depth Look at 199A: The Case for Non-qualified Patronage after Tax ReformEric Krienert8/7/2018
Industry Accounting and Regulatory UpdateVarious8/7/2018
Interest Expense Limitation and Asset ExpensingVarious8/7/2018
Internal Controls: Day to Day Separation of DutiesVarious8/6/2018
It Happened to Us, It Can Happen to You Too: Studies from Real-life Fraud CasesSteve Dawson8/6/2018
Large Cash Payments: Security and Liability…Lessons LearnedDennis Svanes8/6/2018
Learning to Ride and Leverage the Wave of ChangeBill Reeb8/6/2018
Lesson Learned from Broadband DeploymentVarious8/6/2018
Modern Bylaws - Topics You May Want to UpdateDave Swanson8/6/2018
Non-qualified Equities Redemptions and Deferred Tax Asset Valuation after Tax ReformNick Falk8/7/2018
NRECA Benefit Programs UpdateVarious8/7/2018
Personal Leadership Difference!Bud Kulesza8/6/2018
Potpourri of Tax Issues: An Overview of Key Provisions Affecting CooperativesDavid Antoni8/6/2018
Protect this House: Legal Risks from an In-House Counsel Point of ViewCody Ott8/7/2018
Rates: Revenue Requirements and Cost of Service StudyMike Searcy8/6/2018
Revenue Recognition Rules and Adoption ConsiderationsVarious8/7/2018
Risk Mitigation: Large LoadsVarious8/6/2018
Roundtable: Non Electric Coop: Trends and IssuesVarious8/8/2018
Strategic Implications of Debt Financing Options & Cash FlowBill Conway8/7/2018
Talent Gap and the Impact from the MultiGen WorkforcePeg Newman8/7/2018
Tax ReformRuss Wasson8/8/2018
Tax Reform – Accounting Methods Hot TopicsVarious8/7/2018
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