2020 Online Regional Week

Represent your region in a whole new way. Through Online Regional Week, co-op leaders make vital contributions to the role America’s electric cooperatives will play in leading the new energy future.

While we are not able to convene your 2020 Regional Meetings in person due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Online Regional Week brings together electric co-op CEOS, directors, voting delegates and key staff to engage with industry experts and colleagues who share common issues.

Each NRECA region’s resolutions committee and business meetings are being conducted during a single week, along with joint general sessions for all regions. This format will maintain the regions' traditionally paired or stand-alone resolutions committee meetings and business meetings. Review the 2020 Compendium of Proposed Resolutions; voting members may submit proposed amendments or proposed new resolutions to resolutions@nreca.coop by Oct. 1. All proposals received will be posted on the Member Resolutions Regional Meeting page.

Your Online Regional Week Advantages

  • Participate remotely; no travel is required.
  • Save money with reduced registration fees (40% off the in-person early bird rate).
  • Develop and strengthen your team by including senior leaders and key contributors in the Online Regional Week experience.
  • Educate future co-op leaders by sharing the resolutions process with them.
  • Discover ideas and best practices that will help your co-op survive and thrive during this time of unprecedented change.
  • Get up-to-date on the latest news and trends in the electric co-op industry and the broader energy sector.
  • Engage in the resolutions process by proposing, debating and discussing the issues that will be voted on at the national meeting.


Participating Virtually: Tips for Success

Review our guide to maximizing your Online Regional Week experience.


Sponsorship Opportunities

Engage with NRECA and electric co-op leaders at the 2020 Online Regional Week. Sponsorship allows you to gain visibility in the co-op marketplace, generate awareness, introduce products and services, and build your brand.

For questions about NRECA’s sponsorship program, please contact Stephanie Harbrecht at Stephanie.Harbrecht@nreca.coop.

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Registration Fees

Each individual who will be participating in any part of Online Regional Week (Resolutions Committee Meeting, Business Meeting or Wednesday programming) will need to register for the event. If your co-op will be viewing together in the same room – adhering to your local regulations and social distancing – then only one registrant is necessary; however, NRECA voting delegates and alternate delegates must register for their region's regional business meeting individually to ensure they receive proper access to vote on behalf of their member system. Each NRECA voting member system may only have one vote. If you have questions about your certified delegates, please contact votingdelegates@nreca.coop.

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2021 Regional Meeting Dates

Regions 1&4
National Harbor, Md.
Sept. 8-10
Regions 5&6
Minneapolis, Minn.
Sept. 15-17
Regions 7&9
Sacramento, Calif.
Sept. 28-30
Regions 2&3
Birmingham, Ala.
Oct. 5-7
Regions 8&10
Albuquerque, N.M.
Oct. 13-15