Here is what a few CEOs have to say about their experience at New CEO Orientation:


Go. It's an important resource for your CEO transition journey. Ask the questions that are confidential or you perhaps have not dared to ask and get guidance and answers. It's an important networking opportunity. That alone will provide you a valuable return on your investment of time.

Kristin Dolan, CEO
Runestone Electric Association
Alexandria, MN

If you haven't had much exposure to the staffs and programs of the various national organizations, you should attend in order to build that network of contacts. Even if you do know most of the people/programs of the various national organizations, you should still attend because you will benefit significantly from interacting with others who are new to the General Manager/CEO role.

Dennis Cannon, President & CEO
Jackson Purchase Energy Corp.
Paducah, KY

It’s an informative meeting for new CEOs to learn about all the benefits and services that our national organizations provide for distribution cooperatives. You have the ability to network with CEOs that are facing the same issues, and an opportunity to hear from seasoned CEOs that have been where you are.

Vicki Daily, General Manager/EVP
Grundy County REC
Grundy Center, IA

A new CEO gets so bogged down in learning his/her own system. This orientation is a fantastic opportunity to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. The contacts that you make will be incredibly valuable.

Rob Ardis, President & CEO
Santee Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Kingstree, SC

This is a great way to interact with CEOs that are, for the most part, in the same position as you and can relate to issues of new CEOs. This also is a way to grow your network and engage with highly qualified peers that want to see you succeed.

Keith Carnahan, President & CEO
Meriwether Lewis Electric Cooperative
Centerville, TN

This was one of the best sessions that I have been to in the 27 years that I have been in the co-op world.

Bryon Stilley, General Manager/CEO
Chariton Valley Electric Co-op, Inc.
Albia, IA

The orientation gave attendees opportunities to network with fellow new CEOs and to learn more about what our national associations have to offer.

Marshal Albright, President/CEO
Cass County Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Fargo, ND

The New CEO Orientation is an invaluable tool for helping a new CEO get a good start in their new position. You gain valuable insight regarding resources, relationships with Board members, and issues that are important to you.

Ken Schlimgen, General Manager
Central Electric Cooperative
Mitchell, SD