What's happening at the 2021 Directors Conference?

A full program featuring nationally recognized speakers, small-group discussions and breakout sessions addressing topics that include strategic planning, finance, broadband, cybersecurity and technology will inform and support your governance goals.

When will I receive login information?

Login information will be sent approximately five business days before the conference begins. We strongly encourage logging in before the conference begins to familiarize yourself with the event, test your software and build your schedule.

Where will my login information be sent?

Login instructions will be sent directly to the registered participant using the primary email given to NRECA. Please check your "My" settings if you are unsure of what email address is designated as primary.


What information will I need to log in?

Registered participants will be sent a link directly to their primary email address. Once they click that link, they will need their first name, last name and primary email address as it reads from their profile (i.e., from the above profile the participant would log in with Collette, not Coco).

What equipment will I need for the 2021 Directors Conference?

The following is required for full participation:

  • A computer or tablet with camera for video participation and microphone for audio participation
  • Google Chrome and Zoom downloaded on your computer or tablet (Please visit or your app store to download Zoom)
  • A web camera if your computer does not have one built in
  • A broadband internet connection

Can I attend the 2021 Directors Conference as a group in my co-op's boardroom?

The 2021 Directors Conference is best experienced individually. To get the most out of the networking and our six concurrent breakout sessions, you must have your own computer or tablet with camera and microphone capability.  Each attendee must be individually registered and logged in to receive credit.

If you have to attend as a group to ensure secure internet speeds, someone in the group must be in a position to mute, unmute, click Join Session, enter name and email for each session and navigate from session to session.

Do I need a Zoom ID to access the conference?

No. You'll automatically be entered into the session when you click on the orange Join Session button and enter your name and email.

What if I don't have Zoom installed?

To participate in the conference, you'll need to download Zoom. Please visit or your app store to download Zoom before the conference begins.

How do I get my credit?

Directors holding the Director Gold credential will be eligible for one (1) continuing education credit toward renewal of the Director Gold credential. Individuals who log in to the 2021 Directors Conference with their registered first name, last name and email address will be marked as “attended."​​