2023 Cooperative University

Customize your Cooperative University (Co-op U®) experience by choosing from multiple co-op-specific courses based on core and supervisory, management and leadership competencies to best suit your job role and achieve your educational goals.


Co-op U® is the professional development and networking event for all electric cooperative employees. Co-op U® gives you the freedom to build a learning experience that best fits YOUR professional goals all in one location—minimizing costs to your co-op. Maximize your time with us by earning credits* toward each of these programs while gaining practical tools and resources you can share with your teams back at the co-op!

Cooperative Career Essentials Program (CCEP)

The Cooperative Career Essentials Program (CCEP) is a learning portfolio designed to provide the knowledge, skills and abilities every co-op employee, regardless of role or tenure, needs to best serve their co-op and members.

Who should attend CCEP Courses?
CCEP courses are intended for EVERY cooperative employee, regardless of job role or tenure, who wants to enhance their knowledge and skills.

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Supervisor and Manager Development Program (SMDP)

Further customize your learning by registering for courses from our Supervisor and Manager Development Program (SMDP)—a flexible, co-op-specific education program focused on strengthening the leadership skills, knowledge and abilities needed to hire, manage performance, communicate effectively, motivate team members and make decisions.

Who should attend SMDP Courses?

SMDP courses are intended for co-op staff with leadership responsibilities ranging from key contributors considering a supervisory role, to new and experienced supervisors and mid-level managers. Regardless of where you are in your co-op’s supervisor and manager hierarchy, this program offers a learning plan just for you.

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Certified Key Account Executive (CKAE®)

The Certified Key Account Executive Program (CKAE®) helps key account executives and their electric co-ops construct and implement a winning key accounts management program, or further strengthen a program already in place. The CKAE® Certification establishes that you have attained certain knowledge of and experience in the key account competencies. Participants can sign up for certification immediately after completing key account coursework and will have six months from the date that they pass the exam to complete all program requirements.

Who should attend CKAE® Courses?

Key accounts managers, member services leaders, business development specialists, and communications and marketing leaders assisting co-op commercial and industrial members.

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Not Sure Where to Start?

Take a look at these suggested learning paths:

  1. New or incoming supervisors: Individuals who are new to supervising others, or want to prepare themselves for a supervisory role, should consider the following course schedule to build the foundational skills needed to lead others 710.1, 711.1, 712.1, 713.1, 714.1

  2. Interaction with Others: Choose the following courses to build the tools and skills needed to interact best with others (your co-workers, members, and teammates) 5301.1 718.1, 5306.05 and 5307.05

  3. Experienced Supervisors: Individuals with experience supervising other and/or managing large teams who want to further develop their skills could take 717.1, 721.1, 722.1, 730.2

  4. Business Acumen: To increase your business, organizational and co-op industry knowledge to improve one's own job performance, look at these CCEP courses: 5301.1, 5205.1, 5115,1, and 5101.1

*Credits earned apply to one specified program. Credits are not interchangeable between multiple programs.

Looking to earn credit?

If you have a professional credential that requires continuing education units (CEUs), 2023 Cooperative University may be accepted for these CEUs.




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